In order to build a standard cold storage, it must be required a huge budget that not all businesses are able to invest. Not to mention maintenance costs, monthly cold storage maintenance. At this time, using a cold storage service will be the best option for your business to solve the problem of cold storage effectively.

In order for fresh goods and frozen foods to maintain the best quality, the cold storage warehouse needs to be professionally invested with an industrial air-conditioning system running smoothly, the warehouse needs specialized insulated partitions, along with the system which is maintained in the event of a local outage.

With SEC Warehouse’s freezer rental service, you will:

  • No need to spend on the cost of warehouse for the construction design and maintenance
  • There is no need to waste your time for management
  • Provided standard cold storage at a reasonable price
  • Full service utilities included

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Cold storage solutions of SEC Warehouse:

  • Shared warehouse solution: In order to minimize the cost for cold storage, the method for this solution which is Shared Storage. The goods of each customer will be arranged in a typical area and ensuring no confusion with other people’s goods even using “Shared Warehouse” method. SEC Warehouse’s management system will help you to monitor your goods effectively and accurately.
  • Short-term cold storage solution: The storage time is not binding, depending on the needs of customers to store frozen goods. Could be 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or a certain time of year for seasonal items, seafood, seasonal specialties, etc.
  • The solution of a mini cold storage with baffles: For customers who would like to use separate cold storage service for self-management and supervision. The cold storage is standard and secure with a private lock system and an external surveillance camera. SEC Warehouse is always ready to support the lifting, loading and unloading services, etc. when customers request.

SEC Warehouse cold storage receives diverse items

  • 20-25 degree cool storage specializing in storage of items such as medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, canned food, cosmetics, etc.
  • Cold storage from 0-20 degrees specializing in storage of agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, whey, etc.
  • Frozen warehouse from -18 to 0 degrees: Frozen fresh seafood, meat, poultry, fresh and frozen food, etc.

The advantages for the cold storage service of the SEC

Trading in fresh commodities, frozen foods, etc. might bring huge profits but it is bound with strict conditions and risks.

One of the top requirements is that the cold storage must be stabled and operated smoothly. Because the goods are able to be damaged, degenerated, reduced quality for a small negligence to change the temperature

Therefore, SEC Warehouse pays special attention on investment and operation of cold storage. Commitment to the maximum safety level for customer ’goods:

  • High-capacity industrial air-conditioning system keeps cold storage temperature stably within a limit
  • Although it is a shared storage, customer ’goods will be divided and stored in separate areas depending on the type of goods, and ensured no influence on smell and properties of each other.
  • Cold storage is equipped with a cold air circulation system, helping cold air to be distributed to every corner of the warehouse, cooling evenly.
  • Fully invested with automatic temperature controlling equipment, humidity management, insect repellent, dustproof, providing quality, clean and safe storage space.
  • The staff‘s skill of operating the cold store is qualified and always strictly in management. The ability to handle situations quickly in all cases.
  • The cold storage is always patrolled by security guards 24/24, along with the remote security camera system to ensure absolute safety for goods.

Services included when renting cold storage at SEC

In addition to the service of leasing cool storage and freezing warehouses, SEC Warehouse provides for the customers with a range of utilities. You only need to find the source of frozen goods and distribution locations, the remaining stages such as transportation, storage, delivery, tallying, SEC Warehouse will perform on your behalf:

  • Service loading and unloading goods by forklifts
  • Packing service
  • Service of labeling and classifying goods
  • Delivery service by truck
  • Monthly import and export reports

SEC Warehouse – A convenient and economical solution to rent a frozen warehouse

Frozen warehouse of SEC Warehouse is located in the area near to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, container trucks can access easily, near convenient traffic arteries. Especially close to the wholesale market area helps to shorten the time of transportation and distribution of goods.

In addition to the cold storage system, SEC Warehouse also has a cool warehouse rental service, a shared warehouse rental, a self-managed warehouse rental, a document storage warehouse, etc. to meet all your storage needs. We are confident to bring customers the market-leading competitive price thanks to smart and economical storage solutions.

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