If you are looking to hire a place to store documents and records for businesses because of difficulties in:

  • Limited space: Lack of space for efficient working environment.
  • Budget limit: The cost of renting a warehouse to store documents and records exceeds your budget.
  • Limit time: It takes too much time and effort to arrange and transport.
  • Restricting manpower: No one manages them, or manages them improperly.

Document storage service for businesses of Saigon Express (SEC Warehouse) is a perfect choice for you. We provide solutions to keep records and documents in a safe and convenient way and also the most economical for customers.

Storage records and documents service for businesses

With a modern file archives in the heart of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi capital, we always make sure to provide the right storage space for you. Our professional storage records service can handle the sorting of documents, destroying your records with the most economical cost that you only can find at SEC Warehouse’s file archives and documents service.

We strive to make dispatching easier for you by providing efficient archiving solutions. Existing import and export reporting requirements on the number of archives, your request for extracting records, urgent documents are quickly met.

Advantages of keeping records and documents storage service of SEC Warehouse:

  • The storage location is spacious, cool and clean.
  • Professional record keeping process and data.
  • Support for import and export reports on the number of records are stored.
  • Customers can look up records at any time during office hours.
  • Cost of record keeping services, most economical data.
  • Storage system is equipped with storage racking system, fire protection standards.


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    We will provide a file box (48W x 30H x37D) cm to process packaging.

    The packaging, classification of records can be done by you or hire employees of SEC Warehouse.

    Our truck will come to transport records after the classification and packaging process is complete.

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    Form of storage:

    • Your records are stored securely in a warehouse on iron shelves.
    • The file is organized in a neat and orderly manner so that it can be easily extracted.

    Commitment to Safety and Confidentiality:

    • The warehouse is equipped and installed with security systems, fire protection standards.
    • Treating termites and insects periodically with chemicals.
    • Absolutely confidentiality on customer information.
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    When you need to look up the dossiers, you can send the requests via email. We will pick up the case boxes in the order which you marked them and return them to you.

    We have sent the documents that you need in the form of the original file or a scanned file (depending on the requirements you need).

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    Dossiers and vouchers after the expiry of archiving time prescribed by law. The two sides will agree to destroy the records by shredding or burning.

SEC Warehouse – The best company for storage of documents and records

According to long experience, the professional and modern warehouse system is located right away the arterial roads. SEC Warehouse is currently a leading company in the field of warehousing, cool storage, document storage in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We are committed to providing our customers with the cheapest and the most secure storage solution.

If you are looking for a reputable warehouse rental unit or need advice on any information about the service. Contact SEC Warehouse today!

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