Sec Warehouse – Solution For Rent Of Cooler

With a cool warehouse system, it is invested by modern technology and scientific warehouse management process. Prestigious cool warehouse rental service of SEC will help you to find the optimal solution to store the items that require strict standards of temperature and humidity such as cosmetics, functional foods, medical equipment, etc.

  • Short-term or long-term cool storage:

You can rent cool storage temporarily for 1 or 2 months to store your goods before selling. On the other hand, you can sign a multi-year warehouse lease contract to get more incentives. All are convenient and able to help you save maximum costs because there is no need to invest in the warehouse, hiring personnel or operating the apparatus, etc. The existing of SEC Warehouse cool storage system always has enough space to store your goods at any time.

  • Shared cool storage:

The budget for investing and operating a cool warehouse is enormous. Therefore, if your stock is small and often fluctuates, you can contact to SEC Warehouse for a super-economical shared warehouse solution. The shared warehouse space will be shared for many items of the same storage nature, thus offering extremely good prices to customers while ensuring standard cool storage conditions. Each customer’s goods will be arranged in neat shelves at a separate area, convenient for managing and preparing goods. At the same time, SEC Warehouse will help you to manage, report, exist, protect 24/24 security without any cost!

  • Self-managed cool storage:

Warehouse is invested industrial air conditioning system, ensuring a stable cool temperature. You are given your own key to manage and plan your warehouse according to your needs. SEC Warehouse is always ready to support loading and unloading, forklifts, cranes, etc. if you have any request!


  • Consulting and building cool storage upon request:

Consulting and building cool warehouses on demand: With extensive experience in the field of warehousing and storage, SEC Warehouse receives consulting and building cool warehouses as ordered by the business. Commitment to meet temperature, humidity with market leading competitive price.

You can find all the things that you need with SEC Warehouse and cool storage services. Safer, more economical and diverse utilities. Call today for advice on quotes!


Sec Warehouse’s Cool Storage Specialized In Storing The Following Items

  • Beauty cosmetics such as lipstick, powder, lotion, etc.
  • Cosmetic products such as shampoos, shower gels, cleaning products, etc.
  • Medical goods: Medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, medicines, medical solutions and chemicals, etc.
  • Beverages, canned foods, etc.
  • Types of electronic components, machinery, equipment, etc.
  • And all other goods customers want better storage under cool temperature conditions.

Warehouse Meeting Full Standards, Guarantee Safety Of Customers ‘assets

We understand that “safety” is the first thing you want when delivering goods to another storage unit. Therefore, SEC Warehouse Company focuses on investing in building a quality warehouse system. Ensuring safety standards and professional service staff. The ultimate goal is to best fulfill the responsibilities when storing your property:

  • Warehouse temperature is always stable in the range of 20-25 degrees Celsius, humidity is 45-50%.
  • Fire protection system is fully equipped.
  • Camera and security forces operate 24/24
  • There is a regular warehouse cleaning team. Against insects, mold and moisture, …
  • All stored information of customers is kept confidential as required

We create the best conditions for customers when renting cool storage:

  • Spacious warehouse, located in a high, cool place. Convenient transportation infrastructure, comfortable trucks and containers.
  • The team of workers is in good health, friendly and polite. Support our customers to export and import goods quickly.
  • Available containers, packaging, upholstery ready to provide when customers need.
  • Fully equipped with strollers, trailers, forklifts. Other specialized equipment to serve the process of unloading goods quickly
  • Monthly report on status of import – export on demand.

In addition to the cool warehouse system, SEC Warehouse also has a service of leasing the document archive. Or other goods at room temperature, ensure fully safety standards. Large warehouse area and diverse functions of SEC Warehouse can meet all storage needs of customers.

The cool warehouse rental service of SEC Warehouse will help you to cut a significant cost during operation and business.

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