SEC Warehouse owns a warehouse system of more than 20,000 m2 in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi capital, convenient transportation, container trucks on-site and 24/24 security. We receive a variety of storage according to your needs: Storage of machinery, food products, garments, consumer goods, furniture, commercial products, document filing, household storage, etc.

SEC Warehouse brings you the professional and safe storage service with the most modern and cheap warehouse system in Vietnam!

Below is a detailed list of SEC Warehouse’s prices. All questions related to warehouse rental quotes, please contact the hotline 0901.86 87 86 for detailed answers!

1/ Price list for leasing standard warehouse

Price list of goods stored in regular warehouses and the shelves are designed with different standard sizes to fit each type of goods.

Type of ServiceUnitUnit Price (VNĐ/Month)Note
Standard WarehouseCubic meter (m3)130.000Cubic meters (m3) are calculated using the formula:
Length X Width X Height
Goods are arranged on standard shelves.

2/ Price list for cool storage

Price list for renting cool storage at SEC Warehouse, with the cool storage temperature is maintained at 20-25 degrees C. Suitable for customers who need to store goods with special requirements about the temperature of the warehouse such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, functional foods, electronic components, … For items requiring lower temperatures, please contact SEC Warehouse for advice on storage fee fit.

Type of ServiceDescribeUnitUnit Price (VNĐ/Month)Note
Cool WarehouseSuitable for items that need to be stored at cool temperatures: pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, functional foodsCubic meter (m3)250.000_ Storage temperature from 20-25 degrees C

_ Humidity 45-50%

3/ Price list for renting archives of documents

Price list storage service and records management for corporate customers, businesses. Customers can use the existing bins or place orders of SEC Warehouse, we recommend the size 50cmx 40cmx30cm to fit the file storage shelves. For multiple and long-term record keeping customers, please contact us for the best recordkeeping quotes.

NoType of ServiceUnitUnit Price (VNĐ/Month)Note
1.Calculated in m3Cubic meter (m3)130.000 VNĐ/month
2.Provide a file containerBin20.000 VNĐ/binSize bins
50cm x30cm x40cm
3.Extract RecordsFreeSupport extracting records for free according to the barrel code fought before putting into archives.

4/ Price list of bundled utilities

Price list of accompanying services at the warehouse. Depending on the needs of customers in the process of storing goods at the warehouse.

NoType of ServiceDescribeUnitUnit Price (VNĐ/Month)Note
1.Cost for loading and unloading goodsLoading and unloading of goods during import / export process Cubic meter (m3)50.000
2.Goods managementExport / import management fee and monthly inventory reportCompositionDepending on the nature of the goods and the frequency of monthly import / export, management fees will vary for each customer.
3.Wrap PEWrap PE around pallets to avoid dust affecting goodsPallet/timeFreeThe cost of PE supplies is included.
4.Rent palletAll goods that are in stock are stored on palletsPalletFree

Additionally, SEC does not only supply cheap warehouse service for customers, But SEC also do offers goods transportation services by truck. Special discount quotes for warehouse customers. Depending on the volume of goods and freight distance, the cost will vary. For specific truck rental quotes, contact the hotline 0901868786 right away


– Warehouse rental fee includes Cargo insurance fee.

– Storage charges are calculated at the time of shipment and inventory at the end of the month.

+ Volume of goods (exported goods / inventories at the end of the month) with storage time of less than or equal to 15 days: 50% of the monthly unit price (VND 65,000 / m3).

+ Volume (exported goods / inventories at the end of the month) has a storage period of more than 15 days: 100% of the monthly unit price (VND 130,000 / m3).

+ Storage time is from the date of “import goods / beginning of the month” to the date “goods delivery / end of the month”.

+ The amount of warehouse volume calculated by the FIFO method (first in first out).

– Loading and unloading fee is calculated at the time of import. (including loading and unloading charges at the time of loading and unloading at the time of shipment).

– Loading and unloading fee applies administrative working hours: from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

– Loading and unloading fee outside office hours:

+ Normal days: 150% loading and unloading fee.

+ Sunday: 200% loading and unloading fee.

+ Public holidays: 300% loading and unloading fee.

– Storage, handling and related fees are settled every month.


Facilities at SEC Warehouse:

  • There are guards, security camera 24/24
  • Standard fire protection system
  • Fully equipped forklifts, lowering goods
  • Container trucks take place 24/7
  • Update inventory details in real time.
  • Prevention, handling termite monthly.

To easily visualize our goods storage model, please refer to: SECURITY IMAGES OF SEC WAREHOUSE!

Do you need more advice on the storage solutions we offer or our warehousing and storage services?

Contact us via the hotline

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