Saigon Express Trading and Services Co., Ltd.

Saigon Express Trading and Services Co., Ltd (SEC) is the leading quality company in Vietnam in the field of warehousing and storage, Taxi downloads, moving houses, moving offices, relocating factories, etc.

Particularly in the field of storage leasing, SEC Warehouse’s system specially attends to investment in infrastructure and scale. Up to now, SEC Warehouse has developed a strong warehouse system with a scale of over 20,000 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Locations of all warehouses are adjacent to arterial roads, big seaports, container trucks and large and small trucks. Saigon Express is always ready to receive the needs of leasing large and small warehouses, short-term or long-term. In the future, SEC Warehouse aims to expand the warehouse system in all major cities across the country.



SEC Warehouse is constantly expanding and investing in new warehouse systems to meet the rising storage needs of individuals and businesses. We aim to the image of a professional leading unit in the field of storage in Vietnam, warehousing, freight forwarding, etc. goods, and good prices and most convenient for all customers.

At the same time, SEC Warehouse is constantly updating market trends and participating in the process of. We regularly participate in seminars and forums related to logistics and supply chain to international integration increasingly improve, aiming to build a pioneer in logistics.

In the fourth annual conference on supply chain financing in Asia – Pacific (APEC) with the content “How to develop supply chain finance market (SCF) in emerging economies?”. Taking place on 11 November 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, SEC Warehouse representatives represented local logistics enterprises, spoke and discussed the potential and the role of logistics operations in the entire supply chain bridge. Once again, affirming the position of enterprises in the journey of integration with the operation trend of the world economy.



Storage is a specific industry and requires strict standards. Therefore, Saigon Express always respects and adheres strictly to the motto of “Safety – Saving – Convenience”.

Saigon Express brings a difference and creativity in service style. It is a warehouse system with modern construction, advanced technology application of machinery and a scientific arrangement of goods. The key to our success is always to put ourselves in the customer’s position, setting our wishes in order to build a friendly, close and best storage service for you.



– Document storage service: Scientific arrangement, saving space and cost. Meet the requirements of extracting records and documents of customers quickly and accurately.

– Goods storage service: Goods are ensured safely in a cool environment, have security cameras and 24/24 security, warehouses certified national fire protection standards.

– Rental of cool storage: The temperature is always stable from 20-25 degrees Celsius, creating an ideal and safe environment for customers to store cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, etc.

– Self-service warehouse leasing service: Customers are free to use the self-managed warehouse, proactively and flexibly arrange and transfer goods within the maximum support of Saigon Express.

– E-commerce warehousing service: Help customers cut down the cost of warehousing, personnel, management. We manage orders for you, invoicing, packaging, delivery and collection of money, etc.

A few words from the Board

As the director of Saigon Express, all I care about is the quality of service, because it is a vital criterion of an enterprise. The business will stand firmly and develop when the service quality is good and the customer is satisfied.

For that reason, all of Saigon Express’s staffs are constantly striving to make each service, which we provide the most professional and economical for the customers!

Huynh Thanh Linh

CEO of Saigon Express Service Trading Company Limited
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