SEC Warehouse is proud to be one of the leading prestigious units in the field of warehousing and storage services. We are not only providing quality warehouse rental services, but we also pay the major attention to building with the optimal storage solution for our customers, calculating in the most economical way for each item, each form of storage, everytime of storage in the year, … with a centralized warehouse system in the two largest cities across the country.

In Ho Chi Minh City, SEC Warehouse’s system is distributed in all districts from district 1 to district 12 and the districts of Thu Duc, Go Vap, Tan Phu, Tan Binh, Binh Tan, …

In Hanoi, the cluster of warehouse is located in the heart of the capital with the exploitation capacity of more than 5000 square meters, making the storage and distribution of your goods more convenient than ever!

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  • Short-term storage solutions:

Whether saving for 1-2 months or long-term for many years, customers can try our experience professional services with modern infrastructure and specialized operating procedures from equipment to people!

Nowadays, there are many seasonal businesses appearing and they only need to rent the warehouse 1-2 months only to stock for each year. It will be really wasted if the businesses sign for a long-term contract because the volume of goods for stocking is very flexible and sometimes there is no goods for stocking. SEC Warehouse’s short and long-term solution is exactly what you need and we can meet your hardship!

Accordingly, the duration for renting the warehouse will be flexible and the Summary Debt will be settled in monthly. Especially, SEC Warehouse applies the most beneficial fee formula to customers. Warehouse rental cost is calculated based on the actual amount of stored inventories, charging for inported goods and deducting for exported goods.

SEC Warehouse systems are invested professionally with the standard shelf systems, fire protection, cameras, forklifts, personnel handling – packaging – transportation. You do not need to waste money to invest or operate the warehouse.Why do not you just leave your commodities into our SEC Warehouse and experience our professional service with apporpriate price? Moreover, we always have lot of attractive offers for long-term warehouse tenants!

  • Shared warehouse solution:

SEC Warehouse offers shared warehouse leasing solution that may help customers save maximum storage costs. This solution is applied by many advanced countries across entire the world and is very popular. Because you do not only share storage space, but also equipment and personnel, therefore, you can cut down on a significant costs.
Accordingly, SEC Warehouse builds some warehouses at specific areas and goods are arranged neatly on the standard shelf system. Although, it is a shared warehouse, each customer‘s goods will be allocated a separate storage space from other people’s goods.

The intelligent solution of SEC Warehouse can help you to solve the difficulties in storing small and frequent quantities of goods. Saving more with the method of calculating warehouse rent, which is based on the actual increase or decrease of goods.

In addition, you can fully rent an area of 20m2 in the common warehouse system of SEC. Compared to renting a private warehouse, the SEC Warehouse’s common warehouse solution are able to helps you to save lot of costs by not wasting free space, without investing in machinery and equipment as well as effortless effort to arrange goods.

  • Self-managed warehouse rental solution:

Leading in the field of investment and warehousing business, SEC Warehouse can meet all the demands of renting separate warehouses of customers from 50-5000 m2/square meters with full accompanying services and outer protection.

Do you want to rent a warehouse of 50m2 or more to manage by your own personnel? SEC Warehouse’s self-managed solution will bring you the most professional and perfect service!

Accordingly, the warehouse system of SEC has many various areas such as 50m2, 100m2, 200m2, 500m2, 1000m2, … for you to choose. All are located close to the center of the city and on main roads that are convenient for the transportation; container or trucks are able to enter and exit freely.

The warehouse is solidly constructed, clean and high, not flooded, meeting all fire protection standards, with security cameras and 24-hour security. Service forklifts, cranes, loading and unloading, delivery ready to serve when you need it

  • Solution of distribution warehouse – E-commerce:

There are all the services that customers need such as: Transportation, storage, sorting, packaging, stamping, management, delivery and package, …. You do not need to waste time and money to invest in operating machinery!

The solution of SEC Warehouse’s distribution warehouse is suitable for businesses or individuals who do business online, sell goods online, E-commerce goods, small delivery, …

Instead of investing in your own warehouse, hiring more people, and spending a lot of time managing goods; with SEC Warehouse’s distribution warehouse solution, the business do not have to be stressful to seach for renting the warehouse. We already built a modern and scientific management method to help you to control the business situation easily.

With SEC Warehouse, the most important your duty is to focus on product development and searching new orders. The remaining stages from storage, packaging, labeling, management or delivery, SEC Warehouse will replace you in order to perform professionally from A to Z to satisfy your customers!

  • Consultancy for warehouse construction:

Due to available land bank and in-depth knowledge, SEC Warehouse will consult and invest on building warehouses to meet the requirements of warehouse leasing customers in any area.

SEC Warehouse has consulted and invested in building warehouses for more than 100 businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An … For warehouses of 3000 m2/square meter or more, the simple duty of the customers is only providing us clearly state warehouse standards and location that you want to take; then we will quote the best warehouse rental price for any locations in the country.

SEC Warehouse has been the most of experience in logistics and we will bring you a satisfactory warehouse after only 6 months of construction! Committing for the most competitive price in the market without investing anything.

SEC Warehouse’s leading motto is consulting support to help customers find the most suitable and economical hosting solution! Additionally, if you have any questions related to the field of container leasing, freight forwarding, cargo management, … and you are still wondering about how your goods should be stored, please feel free to contact with us or fill the registration form below. We Can Help You that!

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    Professional warehouse system – modern infrastructure

    SEC Warehouse’s system is equipped with a full system of quality ballet racks, forklifts for goods, fire protection systems (fire protection), security cameras and 24/24 operating protection.

    The nightmare of the warehouse’s tenants is the low humidity warehouse, located in a flooded area. Although goods are not only easily damaged or corroded by termites, traffic in the rainy season also becomes paralyzed, making delivery delayed, discredited. However, with the professional warehouse leasing service at SEC Warehouse, you can be completely assured because the warehouse system is built in the convenient transportation locations, high, airy warehouse and goods commitment for the customers that is not affected by heavy rain.

    Diverse types of services and hosting forms.

    Regardless of whether you are looking for a warehouse to storage small or large volume, short-term or long-term; the SEC warehouses are able to provide the right space for your inventories. You can storage goods upto your request at a cheap price and extremely economical cost. Currently, services of SEC Warehouse include:

    • Warehouse rental services and storage of goods in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi.
    • Rental services for warehouse and records management, business documents.
    • Cheap cool warehouse rental service
    • Renting warehouse for storage, moving furniture, moving offices.
    • Self-managed warehouse for rent
    • ….

    Centralized warehouse cluster with many utilities attached.

    Independent warehouse will cause a lot of difficulties for you in mobilizing personnel, loading and unloading equipment, cargo management. The dispersion of human resources not only costs you undesirable but also reduces work efficiency.

    So the advice is to choose a centralized warehouse that offers a variety of utilities during the warehousing and storage process so that you can save money as well as “get it right away”.

    • Freight services: System of vehicles for 24/24 safey and timely delivery
    • Loading and unloading, lifting goods: Vehicles and staff are available, for quick and professional import and export of goods
    • Packing, stamping product warranty: Customers do not have to pay any personnel costs outside
    • Inventory counting, reporting: Helping customers monitor goods stored in the warehouse accurately and proactively
    • Print invoices, deliver goods and collect money: Shorten the time and effort for processing orders
    • And many other utilities …

    Convenient warehouse location, near the center of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi:

    The SEC Warehouse system in Ho Chi Minh City is mostly concentrated in District 7, just a few km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, convenient for the distribution and transshipment of goods, especially for small and medium enterprises. Meanwhile, the warehouse cluster in Hanoi is located in the heart of the capital, so you do not have to worry about the progress of shipping, delivery.

    All warehouse systems in the two regions are located close to the national highways and industrial parks (IZs), so small and large trucks and container trucks are accessible 24 hours a day.

    With convenient transportation to the warehouse, SEC Warehouse helps your business shorten time and reduce the cost of delivery and rotation. As a result, your business distributes products to consumers more quickly, creating credibility, thereby occupying a more favorable market area.

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      Step 1. Handling imported goods (Inbound)

      Receiving and importing goods into the warehouse

      – Receive information about importing goods into warehouse with customers / shipping units (time, type of goods, quantity, etc.)

      – Conduct loading and unloading (containers, trucks, retail, etc.)

      – Check the quantity (excess, missing) and the quality of goods (dented, broken, broken, etc.) and confirm with customers.

      – Do paperwork, import procedures.

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      Step 2. Handling in warehouse (Internal Processing)

      1. Arranging goods into warehouses

      – Identify products

      – Determine suitable storage location

      – Proceed to transfer goods to the warehouse location

      – Updating commodity data.

      2. Prepare for export orders

      – Receiving information from the customer requesting goods (time, goods, quantity, etc.)

      – Taking goods, packaging, labeling, etc.

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      Step 3. Handling exports (Outbound)

      Export and delivery out of stock

      – Confirm shipping time

      – Loading and unloading into the truck

      – Doing procedures for goods delivery

      – Updating commodity data


    SEC Warehouse is one of the leading prestigious logistics units in the field of warehousing and storage. Coming to SEC Warehouse, you can feel secure about:

    ✅ Super economical storage prices: We operate with the criteria to provide the cheapest and most economical storage service to customers.

    ✅ Property safety: The warehouse system is modern and airy, and is protected 24/4. Ensure the safest for customers’ belongings.

    ✅ Special promotions: SEC Warehouse always has attractive promotions for the customers. Details of promotions are constantly updated at website: sec-warehouse.vn or taxitaisaigon.vn.

    Coming to SEC Warehouse’s storage service, you will reduce many unnecessary expenses, simplify the process of storage and transport – delivery and receipt of goods, accelerate the efficiency of goods circulation, create a step forward. new for business!
    Success will come to those who come first to catch up, seize the opportunity and apply the right business method.

    Do you need more advice on the storage solutions that we offer our warehousing and storage services?

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